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Anniversary celebrations 750 years Schuttertal canceled
The representatives of the clubs in Schuttertal, together with the municipality, have decided that the anniversary will not take place this year and that all other events will be canceled. The anniversary is to be celebrated next year. More information on
If you want to come to the anniversary, you can get information there. Nothing is planned on the part of the previous organizers of the Müllerleile reunions.

Müllerleile Family Reunion 2017 in Seattle, WA
From July 14 to 16 the Seventh Müllerleile Family reunion took place in SeaTac South of Seattle/WA. About 50 members of the Müllerleile families took part, among them eight from Germany, the others from all over the US, most of them from Washington. The reunion was preceded by a one week cruise on the Explorer of the Seas vessel to Alaska glaciers. After the reunion participants were invited to a five-days tour program.


2015: Everyone was Müllerleile on the Kasperhof

On Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12, 2015, people of all ages with the surname or maiden name Müllerleile swarmed to Martin and Brigitte Müllerleile’s Kasperhof in Schuttertal. 182 registered participants came to the fourth Müllerleile reunion in Germany, the sixth in total, including thirty from the US and two from Canada. They met to celebrate together, to share family stories and to go through a varied entertainment program. Guests from overseas took educational tours of the area Thursday and Friday.
In 1997, 2003 and 2009, previous reunions had taken place at the Kasperhof. The first formal Muellerleile reunion ever, in July 1997 in Monticello, Iowa, and the second reunion in Mankato, Minnesota in 2011, were organized by Hollywood actress Marianne Muellerleile. She was also there this year for the fourth reunion at the Kasperhof. There were informal reunions in the eighties.
The Kasperhof reunion program started with a tour of the farm and continued with a timber-sawing competition and cow bingo, in which two cows decided who took the handsome prize home.


Müllerleile Family Global Reunion 2011 Strengthens Family Ties
The 5th Müllerleile Family Global Reunion on June 24, 25 & 26, 2011 near Mankato, MN. was a great success. 148 members of Müllerleile families took part, among them seven from Germany and four from Canada, the others from the USA. Many immigrants from Muellerleile families in Germany settled in Minnesota, especially near Mankato. Several committees under the leadership of Marianne Muellerleile had prepared the reunion weekend that will be long remembered by all who participated.


New Memorial Plaques for Emigrants in Schuttertal
On May 23, 2010 Schuttertal dedicated several memorial plaques to the emigrant families from Schuttertal. The occasion was the traditional reunion of the Modosch emigrants in Schuttertal. It was a proposal of deceased local historian Gerhard Finkbeiner to commemorate the pioneer families who left Schuttertal for better pastures, especially to the USA and Canada, the Batschka and the Banat, now both in Yugoslavia.

The Müllerleiles met in Schuttertal
The Müllerleile families touched four hundred years of family history when they met in Schuttertal over the week-end June 13 and 14, 2009. Helping hands were early on Saturday in the festival hall of Schuttertal where they displayed a huge family tree which Markus Müllerleile had made with his computer. Mayor Christian Gabbert welcomed about 120 Müllerleiles, and after this Christian Himmelsbach guided the visitors through Schuttertal, together with his father, former mayor Bernhard Himmelsbach.

Gerhard Finkbeiner +
On April 9, 2009 renowned Schuttertal historian Gerhard Finkbeiner died. It is with deep gratitude that we honour him as a man who has promoted research on our family history tremendously. On June 13, 2009 he planned to give a lecture about Louis Muellerleile at the Muellerleile family reunion. He das finished the manuscript already so that the lecture could be held by Christoph Müllerleile in German and Marianne Muellerleile in English. here it is. Read in German an eulogy of the mayor of Schuttertal and the death announcement of the family .