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The Müllerleile Family Reunion 2017

Sue Mullerleile recalls

Forty-nine registered members of the Müllerleile Family met in Washington State on July 14-16, 2017, where we didn't care how you got here, we're just so glad you came.
The excitement started when family members arrived at the Evergreen room in the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in the Town of SeaTac, near Seattle to check in and receive nametags, welcome packets and swag bags, and all the kids who showed up received a beach towel of their choice. Each swag bag contained a 'care' bag with hand sanitizer, wipes, personal first aid kits, etc. along with City of Seattle souvenirs to remember the visit; also included in the bags were items made or grown in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, ldaho, Montana), including honey, sweets, vegetable and flower seeds, jams, jellies, and trivets.
One hour into the 'meet and greet' on Friday evening, July 14 we were joined by Steve Hartley, a caricature artist. Steve spent 2 hours with the family providing captivating caricatures for each of the guests. Not only is Steve gifted and talented but he is funny and entertaining. Each caricature was made in a matter of minutes.
Saturday morning, July 15, began with 'checking in' those folks that did not make it to the 'meet and greet' on Friday evening. After more catching up with family members, and for some it was the first Müllerleile Family reunion, we began with a welcome speech and special greeting to our cousins from Germany for making the trip. With a show of hands, we learned who was: from out of state, who arrived by car? By plane? Other? Which couple was married the longest. The shortest. Those who love golf. All the grandparents, The oldest family member in attendance, the youngest family member in attendance. Those who have a birthday in July, since this is their birthday month. We found out who had checked their e-mail or Facebook at least once that day, and we found out who in our group does not own a cell phone.
lt was then time to draw names for a home-made animal themed quilt made by Sue Mullerleile for each registered child; and also, to draw the first group of registered adult's names for door prizes. The door prizes for the adults continued to be drawn throughout the day at various intervals.
Meanwhile, Mark & Debb Moldenhauer (masters of Ceremonies for our reunion), introduced Evelyn Russ who told us about her father Bernhard Müllerleile; Bernhard immigrated to Canada from Germany, and eventually migrated to Washington State in the early 1930's. lt was a very interesting biography, and Evelyn did a terrific job.
Mark & Debb introduced the second presentation for the day, which was the Family Pet /Animal Companion segment. This piece was about the animals that are/were considered a member of the family, but that were never really included in past family reunions. This was a chance to brag/lament about them to the rest of the attendees. There were 17 animals revealed which turned out tobe a very enjoyable and sometimes hilarious account of those special family members.
We had time for one more presentation before lunch was served. Daniel Joseph Muellerleile presented a PowerPoint arrangement entitled 'Tribute to the Watermelon King' prepared by Rose Marie {Sue) Mullerleile. Daniel read an article written in the Wenatchee Daily World in August 1932 about Louis Mullerleile and his unique ability to raise melons that were some of the best around. He also raised onions, squash, pumpkins and other melons. After the presentation, everyone was in invited to take some Klondike watermelon seeds, ice cream melon seeds, or casaba seeds home to grow in their own garden next year.
After lunch, Karl Woodall presented a narrative about Louis Mullerleile homesteading in Quincy, Washington. This account was originally presented by Christoph Muellerleile and Marianne Muellerleile in Schuttertal, Germany in 2009. Gerhard Finkbeiner is the author of the report.
Our German relatives presented Sue Mullerleile a genuine Cuckoo Clock from The House of Black Forest Clocks. It was an enormous surprise and so gratefully appreciated by Sue.
Christoph Müllerleile invited a representative from each family that desired, to introduce themselves and their kin and speak a little about their family.
The room was then set up for entertainment by Nate Jester, a local magician.
Nate impressed all of us with his clever use of magic and mind reading. His professional abilities and personable character resonated throughout the performance.
The activities of the day ended with a catered dinner.
For those that wished to attend Mass on Sunday morning, July 16, transportation was provided to St. Philomena Catholic Church in Des Moines, Washington.
Sue Mullerleile thanked everyone for coming and expressed special thanks to Marianne Muellerleile, Christoph Muellerleile, Susan Berberich, Debb & Mark Moldenhauer, Karl Woodall, Evelyn Russ and Daniel Joseph Muellerleile.
Riley Fletcher surprised Sue Mullerleile with a framed caricature portrait that Steve Hartley (caricature artist) had drawn from a current photo of Sue.
Marianne Muellerleile presented the memorial plaque with the year and site of each family reunion to Sue Mullerleile.
Finally, the official photo of all the attendees ended the Family reunion.

Thank you for Sue Mullerleile

Reunion Organizer Rose Marie "Sue" Mullerleile was presented by Riley Fletcher with a caricature of hers, drawn by artist Steve Hartley.