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The Müllerleiles met in Schuttertal

The Müllerleile families touched four hundred years of family history when they met in Schuttertal over the week-end June 13 and 14, 2009. Already on Wednesday some of the participants checked in near Kressbronn at the Lake Constance and got a flight with a Zeppelin from Friedrichshafen, a guided tour of the Zeppelin museum with Wolfgang von Zeppelin and sightseeing tours around the lake. This part was organized by Wolfgang Müllerleile.

On Friday some started from Schuttertal to the Schluchsee and to Rothaus for a tour of the Rothaus brewery. On their way home they made a stop at the Schauinsland, a sight seeing point near the Feldberg with a breathtaking view of the Black Forest and Freiburg.

Helping hands were early on Saturday in the festival hall of Schuttertal where they displayed a huge family tree which Markus Müllerleile had made with his computer. Mayor Christian Gabbert welcomed about 120 Müllerleiles, and after this Christian Himmelsbach guided the visitors through Schuttertal, together with his father, former mayor Bernhard Himmelsbach.

After this the participants met on the Kasperhof for lunch, prepared by Martin and Brigitte Müllerleile and their family, and then had a coffee brake in the scenic restaurant "Zur Eiche" where the rest of the day was spent. One of the organizers, Christoph Müllerleile, was MC when the participants introduced themselves. TV and movie clippings of Hollywood actor Marianne Muellerleile were shown. She was also seen in German cinemas, e.g. in "Terminator I" which made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous.

This was followed by a
lecture about Louis Muellerleile (1878 - 1954) who migrated in 1898 from Schuttertal to the United States and became a successful business man called the "Watermelon King of Noth Central Washington" because he was growing melons at a large scale. The first Müllerleiles migrated early in the 19th century to the USA and hoped for a better future. But not everything turned gold, and the immigration caused many hardships. Even the name Müllerleile was hard to pronounce for many Americans.

The lecture was intended to be given by its author, renowned historian of Schuttertal Gerhard Finkbeiner. But he died in April, and so Christoph and Marianne Muellerleile had to read his text in German and English, illustrated with pictures supplied by Mary Ann and Sue Mullerleile.

The Sunday started with Holy Mass in the Dörlinbach church. Richard Müllerleile enhanced the ceremony with solos of well known hymns. After this the participants went to a brunch in the barn of the Kasperhof farm where the Müllerleiles originated. After a family picture was taken some used the chance for a trip to the Staufenberg castle in Durbach where they had a wine tasting guided by a sommelier and a supper. Others stayed with relatives in Schuttertal and Seelbach.

Co-organizers of the reunion were also Franz end Edith Müllerleile, Anton Müllerleile and the deceased Gerhard Finkbeiner.

Official reunion photo 2011

Family picture of the Müllerleile families taken at the Kasperhof in Schuttertal, June 14, 2009 by Axel Dach.

Here you can download the photo in larger size (3 MB).